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Ano MeriaFolegandros

The second largest settlement in Folegandros is built on the north-western edge of the island, covering an area 3 kilometres long. It is an authentic island village, where the style of life is still mainly agricultural. The houses in Ano Meria, called themonies, are not simply homes; they are small autonomous agricultural and animal-breeding units, suitable for the needs of the closed farming economy that dominated life in the village up to a few years ago. In this windswept and arid landscape, under very difficult weather conditions, most of the households are still largely autonomous with respect to their agricultural and animal produce. The architectural peculiarity of the village, the preservation of ancient traditions by its inhabitants and the simplicity of their lifestyles, make Ano Meria one of the most authentic villages in the Cyclades. It is 6 kilometres away from Hora, and there is a regular bus service there and back.

restaurants, grocery stores, wood oven bakery, traditional pasteli workshop, cafés.

A traditional agricultural residential unit (themonia) from the 19th century, in Ano Meria. The museum is a reproduction of a typical agricultural household, as operative until the mid-20th century.

The Museum was established and is managed by the cultural association “Folegandros”. It is open every day during the summer, 5-8 p.m. Tel.: 22860-41370

The Aspropounta Lighthouse
The Lighthouse was built in 1919, at an altitude of 58 m. from sea level; the actual light is at a height of 11 m. Its light is visible at a distance of 17 n.m. When it was first built, the lighthouse used a fuse, then a diesel & steam mechanism, and has been operating on solar power since 1986. You can reach the lighthouse on foot, either from Livadaki (15′) or from Ano Meria.

from Chora 5 km
from Karavostasis 8.5 km
from Ano Meria
from Agali 3.1 km
Access by: Car / Motorbike / Local bus
Access to: Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Wood Oven Bakery, Traditional Pasteli Workshop, Cafés, Police Station.
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